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Crowley & Associates consists of a knowledgeable and experienced team of real estate appraisers. Each of the appraisers is either state certified or licensed. All of the appraisers continually update their licensing requirements and further their education through various appraiser continuing education courses and seminars. The team is committed to adhering to the rules set forth by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

The appraisers have many years of appraising experience and most of them have spent their entire career with Crowley & Associates. The appraisers each have areas of specialization that they focus on. It is within these areas that they take their thorough understanding of specific markets and property types and apply them to either simple or highly complex appraising projects.

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Michael Crowley, President/Owner
Michael is the founder and President of Crowley & Associates.  Michael holds the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute, putting him in an exclusive and small coterie of area appraisers.  Among his other credentials, Michael has successfully completed the examinations for the State of Connecticut and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, General Certified Real Estate Appraiser.  He also holds General Certification in New York.  These senior certifications will allow Crowley & Associates to comply with all State and Federal mandates resultant of The Federal Financial Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA).

Michael has 20-plus years of appraisal experience in all facets of real estate appraising.  He is engaged on a regular basis by numerous regional financial institutions, local lending institutions, financial investment specialists and government entities (both state and local).
Michael has been qualified as an expert witness in most US Bankruptcy, Superior and Probate Courts in the region as well as the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board, Springfield, Boston, Northampton and Pittsfield Sessions.  Michael has provided expert witness testimony for land damage cases, divorce proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, Internal Revenue Service audits and real estate tax abatements.

Michael frequently provides real estate counseling and advice to a number of clients.  His vast experience and breadth of knowledge on real estate matters has positioned him as a real estate expert called upon frequently to provide information and offer his opinion.

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Barbara D. Burnham
Barbara has been with Crowley & Associates since 1990.  She holds a Massachusetts State Real Estate Appraisers License.  She works on both commercial and residential appraisals.  Her specialty areas include residential subdivisions, medical office condominiums and schools (both college and pre-collegiate).  Each year Barbara works with many of the local colleges to do mandatory, annual appraisals for the real estate properties that they own.

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Julie O. Foley
Julie has been with Crowley & Associates since its inception in 1992.  She holds a Massachusetts State Certified General Real Estate Appraisers License.  Julie works exclusively on commercial appraisals particularly those with a high degree of complexity.  Her appraisal work has included commercial and industrial appraisals, feasability studies, market studies, abatement work, re-use analysis and eminent domain appraisals.  Some of the unique appraisals that she has been involved with are the Village at Hospital Hill, Northampton, MA; Chicopee River Business Park, Springfield and Chicopee, MA in which she has done market and feasibility studies and appraisals for potential tenants of both of the business parks. 

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Caroline F. Murphy
Caroline has been with Crowley & Associates since 1997.  She holds a Massachusetts Certified General Real Estate Appraisers License.  Caroline works on a variety of commercial appraisals.  Her work includes appraisals of industrial, institutional, land, camps, large office buildings (all classes) and many specialty use properties.  She is usually called upon to work on appraisals complex in nature.  She has managed large appraisal projects in which many different types of properties have been appraised to determine market value for takings and/or easements.

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Jay B. Fenlason
Jay has been with Crowley & Associates since 2005.  He holds the Massachusetts State Trainees License.  Jay works on commercial appraisals focusing frequently on churches and institutional use properties.

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